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Experimental system-monitor and status (bar) reporter I use with dwm on GNU/Linux.



The approaches experimented-with so far (later versions do not necessarily obsolete earlier ones, they’re just different):

Name Status Language Tested-on Description
x1 Archived Bash, AWK Ubuntu 16.04 Single, synchronous script, saving state in text files
x2 In-use Bash, AWK Debian 10 Parallel processes: collectors, cache and reporters; passing messages over pipes
x3 Scratched OCaml Debian 10 Re-write and refinement of x2
x4 Prototype Dash, AWK Debian 10 Sensors are completely decoupled daemons, cache is a file tree
x5 In-dev C Debian 10 Re-implementation of x4 in C
2020-12-02  Siraaj KhandkarShift X2 status from legacy to archived master
2020-11-02  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate bluetooth censor and test drive
2020-04-06  Siraaj KhandkarGraduate x5 as pista
2020-03-27  Siraaj KhandkarExpose expiry character configuration
2020-03-27  Siraaj KhandkarHandle termination signals
2020-03-27  Siraaj KhandkarRefactor main
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarForce EOM beyond available range
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarNote problems with lossless msg-handling alternatives
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarFix character filling for ok, error and expiry reads
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarCo-locate all slot functions
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarTidy-up misc loose ends
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarChange to slot-oriented nomenclature
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarRename lib files to and prefix lib function names
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarMove config defaults from global into main
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarSimplify sensor IO model and fix opts and timeouts
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarLeave TODO to define a max after which to stop reading
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