2020-12-02  Siraaj KhandkarShift X2 status from legacy to archived master
2020-11-02  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate bluetooth censor and test drive
2020-04-06  Siraaj KhandkarGraduate x5 as pista
2020-03-27  Siraaj KhandkarExpose expiry character configuration
2020-03-27  Siraaj KhandkarHandle termination signals
2020-03-27  Siraaj KhandkarRefactor main
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarForce EOM beyond available range
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarNote problems with lossless msg-handling alternatives
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarFix character filling for ok, error and expiry reads
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarCo-locate all slot functions
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarTidy-up misc loose ends
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarChange to slot-oriented nomenclature
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarRename lib files to and prefix lib function names
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarMove config defaults from global into main
2020-03-26  Siraaj KhandkarSimplify sensor IO model and fix opts and timeouts
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarLeave TODO to define a max after which to stop reading
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarSupport arbitrary parameter passing to sensor function
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarShorten long lines
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarFactor-out common loop
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarSketch initial battery sensor
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarFix error should've been fatal
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarLink to select's Wikpedia article
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarHandle pselect errors
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarCheck expiries when no IO is ready
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarTimeout IO poll at desired intervals
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarUse read time _after_ IO became available
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarFix typo
2020-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarImplement the data expiry check
2020-03-24  Siraaj KhandkarCatch broken pipe errors in time sensor
2020-03-24  Siraaj KhandkarHandle retry entirely within the fifo_read_all routine
2020-03-24  Siraaj KhandkarRe-gain inter-message pushback
2020-03-24  Siraaj KhandkarFix queueing-up unhandled messages without pushback
2020-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarRemove a redundant assertion
2020-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarBreak out option parsing into a function
2020-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarSimplify README
2020-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarRetry upon EINTR
2020-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarRevise variant labels and match EAGAIN symbolically
2020-03-21  Siraaj KhandkarWrite to pipe form the sensor directly
2020-03-21  Siraaj KhandkarHandle fifo read errors and ends of messages
2020-03-21  Siraaj KhandkarFix fatality trigger
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarSupport sub-second intervals
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarImplement time sensor
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarBreak-out logging and time-related functions into lib...
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarBuild as C99
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarUse __VA_ARGS__ instead of named param
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarAdd warn log level
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarUse braces in elses which follow multi-statement ifs
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarFix second level indent - should be four spaces
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarReduce switch case nesting
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarInvert nesting of error checking
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarRevise status nomenclature
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate README
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarImplement log levels
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate usage message
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarFlush stderr after each log statement
2020-03-15  Siraaj KhandkarPushback on data producers
2020-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarFix style of switch cases indentation
2020-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarBlank-out only the remaining slots
2020-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarPrefix FIFO operations with fifo_
2020-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarPut error msg in buffer instead of exiting on read...
2020-03-11  Siraaj KhandkarAutomate finding executables to clean
2020-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarAdd optimization TODO
2020-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarSimplify Makefile
2020-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarInitialize some more uninit vars
2020-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarAdd TODO to handle signals
2020-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarCopy default cfg before modifying
2020-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarAdd missing return from main
2020-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarRename "file" to "fifo"
2020-03-09  Siraaj KhandkarSort includes according to NetBSD KNF
2020-03-09  Siraaj KhandkarInitialize some of uninitialized variables
2020-03-09  Siraaj KhandkarEnable extra warnings and remove unused variable
2020-03-09  Siraaj KhandkarOptionally set X root window name
2020-03-08  Siraaj KhandkarAdd TODOs
2020-03-08  Siraaj KhandkarRead FIFO up to LF or width
2020-03-08  Siraaj KhandkarCheck that file exists and that it is a FIFO
2020-03-08  Siraaj KhandkarBuild with C99
2020-03-08  Siraaj KhandkarSwitch from regular files to fifos
2020-03-05  Siraaj KhandkarSwitch from malloc to calloc
2020-03-05  Siraaj KhandkarOverhaul and read/print all given files
2020-03-04  Siraaj KhandkarUse thermal zone x86_pkg_temp by default
2020-03-04  Siraaj KhandkarEase device switching in sanity_check
2019-06-28  Siraaj KhandkarAdd IPC ideas
2019-05-25  Siraaj KhandkarBegin work on X5
2019-04-11  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate main screenshot
2019-03-28  Siraaj KhandkarJust use default pulseaudio sink for volume
2019-03-28  Siraaj KhandkarUse smaller mpd state symbols for pause and stop
2019-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarTweak sanity_check presentation
2019-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarAdd an alternative energy sensor, via poll
2019-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarAdd volume sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarKill more thoroughly
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarUse daemon flag instead of bg operator
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarStart all test sensors with explicit parameters
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd disk sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd temperature sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAllow early opts break, so per-sensor can be defined
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd load average sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd memory sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarDifferentiate start functions rather than setting a...
2019-03-19  Siraaj KhandkarPort connection-counting x4 bluetooth sensor to x2
2019-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarFix wifi link status
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