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2021-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarAdd sacc Void pkg master
2021-03-23  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate Void packages
2021-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate Void packages
2021-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarReplace comments patch with an AWK script
2021-03-18  Siraaj KhandkarAdd Asia/Calcutta (India) to list of TZs to display
2021-03-18  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate Firefox ref in mimeapps
2021-03-18  Siraaj KhandkarLookup currently-used Racket version automatically
2021-03-14  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate Void packages
2021-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarTrack xdg-user-dirs
2021-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarSet and update mimeapps defaults
2021-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarAdd some of missing associations
2021-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarReplace vim with gvim for csv
2021-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarSort mimeapps
2021-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarSwitch mimeapps from brave to firefox
2021-03-12  Siraaj KhandkarAvoid diff colorization when piping
2021-03-11  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate Void pkg list comments
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