Shift X2 status from legacy to archived
[khatus.git] / x4 /
2019-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarTweak sanity_check presentation
2019-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarAdd an alternative energy sensor, via poll
2019-03-25  Siraaj KhandkarAdd volume sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarKill more thoroughly
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarUse daemon flag instead of bg operator
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarStart all test sensors with explicit parameters
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd disk sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd temperature sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAllow early opts break, so per-sensor can be defined
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd load average sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarAdd memory sensor
2019-03-22  Siraaj KhandkarDifferentiate start functions rather than setting a...
2019-02-14  Siraaj KhandkarAdd bluetooth sensor
2019-02-14  Siraaj KhandkarBreak up into procedures
2019-02-14  Siraaj KhandkarRun sanity_check sensors as children and pre-kill all...
2019-02-11  Siraaj KhandkarCombine mpd status and use symbolic state indicators
2019-02-08  Siraaj KhandkarBegin X4 prototype
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