Shift X2 status from legacy to archived
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2020-11-02  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate bluetooth censor and test drive
2020-03-04  Siraaj KhandkarUse thermal zone x86_pkg_temp by default
2020-03-04  Siraaj KhandkarEase device switching in sanity_check
2019-03-28  Siraaj KhandkarJust use default pulseaudio sink for volume
2019-03-28  Siraaj KhandkarUse smaller mpd state symbols for pause and stop
2019-03-19  Siraaj KhandkarPort connection-counting x4 bluetooth sensor to x2
2019-03-10  Siraaj KhandkarFix wifi link status
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarIgnore /sys/classa/net/$iface/carrier access errors
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarFix coercion-related ambiguities
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarFix shown as percentage when no link present
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarFix field separator
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarFix typo
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarAdd method for wifi link strength only
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarReimplement net status as checking carrier rather than...
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarOverride empty net addr with default place holder
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarInclude net_addr in sanity_check
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarDo not override default value in net_addr method implem...
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarImplement a simplified net interface status method
2019-03-06  Siraaj KhandkarSimplify wifi negative status
2019-03-05  Siraaj KhandkarDo not show mpd song
2019-03-05  Siraaj KhandkarShow only left speaker volume
2019-03-05  Siraaj KhandkarShorten volume variable names
2019-02-08  Siraaj KhandkarHide curl progress meter, but still show errors
2019-02-08  Siraaj KhandkarAdd rebuild recipe
2019-02-08  Siraaj KhandkarAdd uninstall and reinstall recipes
2019-02-08  Siraaj KhandkarUse newer mpd API
2019-02-07  Siraaj KhandkarReplace `metar` with custom parser of NOAA XML API
2019-02-07  Siraaj KhandkarSimplify bluetoothctl command
2019-02-03  Siraaj KhandkarImprove overview and experiment naming
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