2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarAdd shell-equivalent as an executable script
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate the shell-equivalent implementation and motivation
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarSlightly refactor lord's and vassal's loops
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarRemove redundant annotations
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarRemove debug statements
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarParallelize file head sampling
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarDistinguish between processor and wall times
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarParallelize file hashing
2018-11-26  Siraaj KhandkarMake ignore-pattern a closure
2018-11-26  Siraaj KhandkarCount redundant data size
2018-11-24  Siraaj KhandkarImprove pipeline and metrics abstractions
2018-11-22  Siraaj KhandkarExpand metrics
2018-11-21  Siraaj KhandkarAdd TODO note for better abstractions
2018-11-20  Siraaj KhandkarUse "File", rather than "path", as main abstraction
2018-11-20  Siraaj KhandkarSample file heads and skip unique ones
2018-11-20  Siraaj KhandkarRefactor CLI options gathering
2018-11-19  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate README
2018-11-19  Siraaj KhandkarSkip files with unique and 0 sizes
2018-11-18  Siraaj KhandkarAdd option to ignore filepaths matching a pattern
2018-11-15  Siraaj KhandkarImprove names in illustrative script
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarAdd README and LICENSE
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarTidy-up variant label names
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarSupport outputting to files in a directory
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarQuote outputted paths
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarHandle multiple root directories
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarRename Directory to Directory_tree
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarFix indentation
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarHandle directories with no regular-file children
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarHandle root path missing or not a directory
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarInvert abstractions
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarRename dupfiles to dups
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarMake a clean executable name
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarReport total number of files and execution time
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarImplement recursive directory walk stream
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarInitial prototype
2018-11-14  Siraaj KhandkarRoot commit
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