descriptionOCaml. Duplicate file finder.
last changeFri, 8 Feb 2019 01:34:14 +0000 (20:34 -0500)
2019-02-08  Siraaj KhandkarSkip 0-sized files in the shell version master
2018-11-30  Siraaj KhandkarFix accidental reporting of singletons
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarHandle null-delimited input paths
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarFix statically-defined number of processes
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarAdd shell-equivalent as an executable script
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate the shell-equivalent implementation and motivation
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarSlightly refactor lord's and vassal's loops
2018-11-28  Siraaj KhandkarRemove redundant annotations
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarRemove debug statements
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarParallelize file head sampling
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarDistinguish between processor and wall times
2018-11-27  Siraaj KhandkarParallelize file hashing
2018-11-26  Siraaj KhandkarMake ignore-pattern a closure
2018-11-26  Siraaj KhandkarCount redundant data size
2018-11-24  Siraaj KhandkarImprove pipeline and metrics abstractions
2018-11-22  Siraaj KhandkarExpand metrics
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