2020-03-17  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate NY usage example master
2020-03-17  Siraaj KhandkarSupport dumping out all the NY data
2020-03-17  Siraaj KhandkarGroup updated variable histories
2020-03-17  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate NY URI, location and path
2020-03-17  Siraaj KhandkarSort valid NY locations
2020-03-17  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate NY path
2020-03-17  Siraaj KhandkarRelocate path to a variable
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarAd README with example usage
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarImport case count scrapers for USA: NY, MA
2020-03-16  Siraaj KhandkarInitial commit
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