2016-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarReplace for-loop with map. master
2016-08-04  Siraaj KhandkarMake Grid object mutable.
2016-08-04  Siraaj KhandkarThrow appropriate error objects, rather than just strings
2016-08-04  Siraaj KhandkarRefactor Board as a class in the Life namespace.
2016-08-03  Siraaj KhandkarRefactor with classes, assertions, const and more.
2016-08-03  Siraaj KhandkarEnable more compiler checks
2016-08-02  Siraaj KhandkarWIP Grid (and maybe Board) class
2016-08-02  Siraaj KhandkarImplement vanilla GoL in TypeScript
2016-07-29  Siraaj KhandkarUse concrete type syntax
2013-10-05  Siraaj KhandkarMore concise composition.
2013-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarReserve "create" only for mutable values.
2013-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarHide (int -> state) mappings.
2013-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarRe-align stuff.
2013-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarA more sensible way to count.
2013-10-01  Siraaj KhandkarCleaner composition.
2013-10-01  Siraaj KhandkarImprove name.
2013-10-01  Siraaj KhandkarRelocate 'next' function to 'State' module.
2013-10-01  Siraaj KhandkarDrop-down "sig" and "struct" keywords.
2013-09-30  Siraaj KhandkarFurther abstract intercell protocol.
2013-09-29  Siraaj KhandkarMake interval a CLI argument.
2013-09-29  Siraaj KhandkarRefactor inter-cell protocol.
2013-09-29  Siraaj KhandkarColorize alive Life cells with white.
2013-09-29  Siraaj KhandkarRename Conway to Life.
2013-09-29  Siraaj KhandkarThis makes more sense in the morning.
2013-09-29  Siraaj KhandkarAlign stuff.
2013-09-29  Siraaj KhandkarIntroduce Forest Fire to the polymorphic grid.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarImprove description.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarAbstract PhenoType.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarMoved Terminal module to the top.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarAdd terminal color manipulation.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarReset cursor position before printing each grid.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate README.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarA more obvious order in this context.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarA more appropriate name.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarInfrastructure for polymorphism.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarOrganize transition mechanism into Automaton module
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarGet rid of data labels.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarPack options in a record.
2013-09-28  Siraaj KhandkarDecrease pause time between generations.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarLoop indefinitely, in full screen.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarUse point abstraction.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarCompute next generation.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarUse idiomatic abbreviations for rows and columns.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarUse a more idiomatic creator name.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarRemove unneeded operation: set
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarUse -short-paths
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarSupport both, plain map and mapi.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarDisable warning 44:
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarFix fragile pattern-matching.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarEnable all compiler warnings.
2013-09-27  Siraaj KhandkarDrop down for uniformity.
2013-09-26  Siraaj KhandkarInit and print a matrix of cells.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarPass dimensions as CLI arguments.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarImplement Conway's Life cell.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarDefine cell signature.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarImplement a generic matrix abstraction.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarSay hi.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarIgnore _build and bin directories.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarAdded build and clean recipes.
2013-09-25  Siraaj KhandkarQuick description of Polymorphic Life.
2013-06-16  Siraaj KhandkarAdded some info on Langton's ant.
2013-06-16  Siraaj KhandkarWhy not just subtract in AWK?
2013-06-16  Siraaj KhandkarAdded info about Wireworld.
2013-05-17  Siraaj KhandkarRe-formated summary as a table
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarFixed wrong quote type.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarRight... THAT's how you pass a curried infix.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarLight refactoring.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarCheck sleep interval before sleeping.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarSet generation interval in CLI options.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarSet probability in CLI options.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarForest-fire model 001.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarAdded README for forest-fire model.
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarDiscovered Random.self_init
2012-09-03  Siraaj KhandkarUpdated image link.
2012-09-02  Siraaj KhandkarAdded link to Life's Wikipedia page.
2012-09-02  Siraaj KhandkarAdded root README.
2012-09-02  Siraaj KhandkarMoved Life implementations into 'life' directory.
2012-08-28  Siraaj KhandkarA more readable list.
2012-08-28  Siraaj KhandkarRemoved unnecessary call to length().
2012-08-28  Siraaj KhandkarUpdated main README.
2012-08-28  Siraaj KhandkarAdded README describing life-005.
2012-08-28  Siraaj KhandkarLife 5: AWK. Simulated 3D array.
2012-08-27  Siraaj KhandkarPointing directly at `awk`, rather than via `env`.
2012-08-26  Siraaj KhandkarUpdated README.
2012-08-26  Siraaj KhandkarGhost neighbors beyond boundaries!
2012-08-26  Siraaj KhandkarRe-ordered function definitions.
2012-08-26  Siraaj Khandkarget/set/do prefix notation.
2012-08-26  Siraaj KhandkarWhy did I think I needed this again?
2012-08-26  Siraaj KhandkarUpdated README.
2012-08-26  Siraaj KhandkarLife 4: board as string, in AWK.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarEnsuring sleep value is at least zero.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarDon't sleep longer than necessary to meet the interval.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarComment explaining choice of map+to_list over fold.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarReformatting for consistency.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarBetter variable names.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarBar string should never be empty.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarThese fields should never be 0.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarRe-aligning record field type declarations.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarNo need to specify the default value.
2012-08-09  Siraaj KhandkarAdded footnote about the array() module.
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