2020-01-05  Siraaj KhandkarTest newer OTP releases master
2020-01-05  Siraaj KhandkarRemove the seemingly no-longer-unsupported R16B02
2020-01-05  Siraaj KhandkarUpdate Travis-CI link
2016-02-17  Siraaj KhandkarFix English grammar
2015-10-11  Siraaj KhandkarAdd lat_lon_alt group to examples.
2015-10-11  Siraaj KhandkarCo-locate record include with its usage in examples.
2015-10-11  Siraaj KhandkarAdd screenshot of data output from the cockpit.
2015-10-11  Siraaj KhandkarDescribe packet structure in README
2015-10-07  Siraaj KhandkarFix example path to x_plane_data include directory.
2015-10-05  Siraaj KhandkarMention packet index of X-Plane 10 data messages.
2015-10-05  Siraaj KhandkarTurn list of identified groups into table.
2015-10-05  Siraaj KhandkarImplement named data groups.
2015-10-05  Siraaj KhandkarMatch and print full values in the test.
2015-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarOrganize and annotate examples
2015-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarRemove named groups and simplify raw data usage.
2015-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarUpgrade hope to 3.8.1
2015-10-04  Siraaj KhandkarStrip trailing whitespace
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarFix record label typo: lat_west -> lon_west
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarUnpack example records.
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarAdd some examples to README
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarNote data format references.
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarRe-align comment text.
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarFix typos.
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarImplement UDP data parsing.
2015-07-30  Siraaj KhandkarInitial commit.
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